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The winners of the communication spit in the courtyard are all on the micro-signal synvel (WeChat adds a friend WeChat official account and enters synve95 to break the heart (three nights).

Leaf five son pull a summer flower sleeves covered with tears pathetically cried, "floret you are not a big strong niang? It’s not that it’s all parents’ orders to get married. Besides, I don’t have to marry Da Zhuang now. I just have to book an engagement first. "
Xia Huayu exhaled a sigh of relief. Although I don’t know the exact age of Xia Dazhuang, he is only 12 or 13 years old at most. This is an engagement in modern or elementary school age. Where is this? Is Ye Wuer too sad and thinking too much?
"Xiaohua, don’t you want me to be your daughter-in-law?" Ye Wuer looked at Xia Hua in tears.
"Poof …" Xia Hua almost vomited blood. Ye Wuer is one year older than her and will be her daughter-in-law. She sighed angrily and funny, "I really can’t help you with this matter."
"Xiaohua won’t even help me. Which one am I going to find now? Except this road is a dead end. I don’t like to miss my brother and sister. I don’t know how to live if I have to escape to the outside … whoops …" Ye Wuer cried and fell to the ground.
As soon as she hugged Xia Hua’s leg, she almost begged, "Xiaohua, I know I shouldn’t be hard on you, but I didn’t have any confidants in the village except you and Niandi and Sister. Now Niandi and Sister are not in the village. I have been looking for you. In fact, I am really quite … quite fond of it …"
Ye Wuer’s face has turned red into a big one. Although silly, she looks handsome. All the men in the village add up to no big one. Even the Qinling Mountains in Qin family are a little rough compared with the big one. Besides, Xiaohua can afford an ox cart and should have some silver in her hand to save her. She doesn’t want to make it difficult for Xia Hua. She thinks that if she can really marry Da Zhuang in the future, she can always accompany Xia Hua to repay Xia Hua. Moreover, Da Zhuang is silly. She doesn’t understand if she doesn’t want to happen.
But she really likes Da Zhuang a little, thinking that she will take good care of him in the future.
She cried, her eyes hazy. She would rather die than marry that ugly monster, or an ugly monster that was hated by her younger brother and sister.
Xia Hua was pestered by her to get angry, and suddenly she turned to look at Nima with a loud bang! Her ox cart was almost smashed out of a hole.
"Oh, it hurts!" A man in the ox cart got up and rubbed his ass.
"Moo-"The scalper gave a wild roar.
Xia Hua hasn’t done anything yet. When Ye Wuer saw the big banyan tree here, someone fell down. What she said just now must have been listened to. This made her feel ashamed and resentful that she couldn’t find a hole to dig, and she didn’t want to ask Xia Hua to get up again, burying her face in a basket and crying and ran away.
A flock of sparrows fluttered up and flew to the clear sky like blue silk with a neat and rhythmic flapping beat of wings.
Xia Hua quickly stopped the scalper to see the man who fell from the sky. He was rubbing his ass to get up from the ox cart to see him. He was very embarrassed. He was wearing a bun in the middle of his head with a wooden hairpin in his tattered blue robe. His face was stained with dead leaves and dirt. His hands were black coal, and he couldn’t see it.
The man stumbled a pair of broken and dirty shoes with three toes, jumped out of the ox cart and rubbed his ass and smiled at Xia Huadao. "Little girl, I’m sorry about the accident, hehe …"
When he smiled, he showed two rows of white teeth, which were dirty and looked out of place. A pair of eyes were bright and smiled in the shape of a curved moon.
Xia Hua looked at the ox cart and didn’t want to delay any more. She waved at the Taoist priest and said, "Nothing!"
The man pointed to Ye Wuer’s escape direction and smiled. "Little girl, I didn’t expect you to have a daughter-in-law at an early age?"
Xia Hua took a white look at this troubled Taoist priest and said coldly, "What are you doing!" Then he jumped into the bullock cart and dumped the whip, heading straight for the county.
About three hours later, Xia Hua arrived at my official’s office, and she never thought that things could be done so easily. She specially prepared twelve taels of silver with this corrupt official who refused to take silver and refused to do things in any era. She didn’t want to know that even a few petty officials were flattering, preparing pen and ink, taking pen and ink, taking words, and getting all the materials she needed when it was less than a column of incense.
Xia Hua wondered when she had such a big face. It seemed that an aunt from the countryside could alarm a petty official in her office to wag her tail at her dog.
Maybe it’s because Xiao Jue’s work is often confusing, but it does have a miraculous place. She doesn’t know what Jiuli Hall is, but listening to the title of the Holy Emperor, it’s better to be fooled. Xiao Jue’s clothes are worth a thousand taels. Anyway, there is money to do things well, and I don’t know how many taels Xiao Jue has put on her.
Finished petty official also bow to send her out of the official, she a person driving a bullock cart and went to the Fengjiang building, she was full of hope to see Xiao. It’s a pity that Xiao’s roots are not in Fengjiang building. Not only Xiao’s roots are not in Fengjiang building, but even the dragon shopkeeper is not in her heart. She is slightly lost and bored out of Fengjiang building, ready to go home. The bartender is busy greeting a "Xia girl, don’t hurry to go! Hurry and stay for dinner before you go. "
Xia Huagen didn’t have any appetite to build a house, but it was solved. But Xiao Jueshi didn’t have a bottom. She felt depressed. "Thank you! I went to my home. "
Just export but don’t want to bump into another person, but I haven’t seen my brother for more than ten days. I have lost a lot of weight, my eyes are swollen and my face is yellow.
Xia Hua asked in surprise, "Miss Brother and Sister, how did you get like this?"
"Gollum … Gollum …" Read my brother’s belly to a hungry sound.
Her voice was hoarse, and her eyes were filled with joy. She grabbed Xia Hua and said, "Xiaohua didn’t expect to meet you here. What are you doing here?"
"Miss your brother and sister, look at your belly ringing. Go and have lunch first."
With that, Xia Hua took Niandi Fu and entered Fengjiang Building again. The first floor of Fengjiang Building was full of guests.
The shop assistant was very affectionate to her because she knew Xia Hua and had a dragon. She quickly led Xia Hua and Niandi to the second floor and then ran to the kitchen to get food and rice.
Niandi seems to have not eaten for a long time, and he seems to see three dishes and one soup on the table. He didn’t even see what it was, and he wolfed it down. Xia Hua looked at it and felt a little distressed. Isn’t it impossible that Qinling didn’t arrange work for Niandi’s sister? Qinling shouldn’t lie to her.
Niandi put his sleeve on his glossy mouth after eating. "It’s good for Xiaohua to meet you today. My five zang-organs temple is full."
"What happened to Nian Di Jie?"
Please don’t turn when starting!
The winners of the life of the great god in the exchange of spit and spit are all on the micro-signal synvel (WeChat adds a friend WeChat official account to enter synve96, which is hard to hide (one more).
The winners of the life of the great god in the exchange of spit and spit are all on the micro-signal synvel (WeChat adds friends WeChat official account to enter synvel).
Please don’t turn when starting!
Thank you for sending flowers, dear. Thank you for not leaving a message! What’s the matter, honey?
Xia Dazhuang strange way "you have … something wrong? This centipede is poisonous and bites you. You still … you still get it. "
When my eyes swept away, I saw that there were people in blue squatting on the bank of the river covered with a layer of mud. Summer flowers looked at the Taoist priest. She went over and saw that the Taoist priest was trying to catch a centipede in the river. Who knows that the centipede bit his finger? He continued to catch it.
"Ok, let’s touch the shrimp and go home to make shrimp sauce." Xia Hua smiled and joined Xia Dazhuang holding his trouser legs to the river.
"Mom, I didn’t … it’s okay. Go and touch the shrimp!" Xia Dazhuang is even more excited. "You’re not in Dazhuang, and you haven’t … no mind to touch shrimp."
"I want to come and wait for my sister!" Xia Dashuan’s happiness is rubbing against Xia Hua’s body.
"Why are you sitting in the tuyere when you are uncomfortable?" Xia Hua looked at Xia Dazhuang and Dashuan tenderly and added, "Dashuaner is going to read and run out."
When I saw Xia Hua and Xia Dazhuang cheering and dragging a big bolt, it seemed to rush to Xia Hua. "Empress, you … you finally came back!"
When I arrived at Lettuce Pond, I saw several sisters of Laidi’s family touching shrimps in the river arm in arm, and Xia Dazhuang was sitting on the bank of the river with her cheeks propped up, looking at the distance and Dashuan was picking up pebbles in the river to play.
Summer flowers are staring at some uncomfortable by her, so I’ll leave now.
Looking at Xia Hua, she really felt that she was a perfect match.
"Take good care of your flower girl, but you are getting more and more beautiful!" Sister-in-law Wen smiled and looked at the summer flowers. Today, she was invited by the Qin family to match the Qin family’s second young master. The Qin family’s second young master is an elegant and romantic person. Zhou Zheng is talented and beautiful before coming. It seems like listening to the Qin family say that this Qin family’s second young master wants to say that it is summer flowers.

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