武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 品茶 "Boom ~ leaf solitary Chen took out this monty soul complications to resist an attack, but it was still hit by this huge impact far Rasiel sneer at a shot again.

"Boom ~ leaf solitary Chen took out this monty soul complications to resist an attack, but it was still hit by this huge impact far Rasiel sneer at a shot again.

See such a scene Ye Guchen couldn’t help but wipe the blood on his mouth. There was a trace of despair in his eyes. Ye Guchen can be sure that Rasiel was so suspicious that he would die!
"I’m going to die? Damn it, I can’t be reconciled ~ "Ye Guchen couldn’t help thinking that a holy light was flying out at this time, and at this time, suddenly a dragon’s song arrived in the sky and the chain with silver light flashed from this day, which blocked the Rasiel attack. After the chain rotated, it trapped the Rasiel and immediately surrounded the Rasiel. A sound sounded in Ye Guchen’s ear." I blocked him and repaired Guchen and killed him! "
Ye Guchen, who is backward in voice, first saw a middle-aged man with a black robe and long hair hanging down behind his head. This man was none other than his master Xiang Yutian.
"Master ~!" Leaf solitary face flashed a surprise and then could not help but cry out and say that finish, regardless of the fear in Rasiel’s eyes. Then he took out this monty soul banner and stabbed it hard in Rasiel’s chest. Rasiel screamed and died in this monty soul banner shorthand garbage and reappeared.
Xiang Yu Tian smiled here, and then the chain disappeared. When he shot again, he had rushed the chain straight at the distance, and the monarchs and angels rushed straight at it. The chain was divided into several parts and then rushed to the surrounding monarchs and angels. Then he heard a stuffy hum, and several monarchs and angels vomited one mouthful blood and backed out of the thousand meters away. A monarchs and angels over there were unfortunately killed by this Xiang Yu Tian chain.
Such a scene surprised everyone. One by one, wait for a while looked at the scene in front of him. No one could believe that the mighty seven monarchs and angels could even resist Xiang Yu’s tianyi blow. It was incredible.
"How is that possible!" Michael shouted, "I can’t believe it." It’s simply beyond everyone’s expectation that Xiang Yu’s strength is frightening and beyond everyone’s expectation.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Evil Emperor VS Emperor
Chapter two hundred and fifteen Evil Emperor VS Emperor
"Hum, it’s impossible for a bunch of waste. Dare to make moves to my brother Xiang Yu today? None of you want to leave today! " Floating in this half, Xiang Yu looked at several monarch angels coldly and talked around this Xiang Yu day. The silver chain spun up quickly. It seems that the chain kept spinning for hundreds of meters, and it turned over hundreds of thousands of meters in the blink of an eye, forming a madness around the evil emperor Xiang Yu day. Then one of them flew out and went straight to Michael, and they abruptly turned to wrap up the five monarch angels.
The chain of speech turned instantly, but I didn’t know that there were several cold light flashing spears attached to the chain and went towards the five monarchs and angels. The speed was staggering, while Satan left here quickly. They didn’t want to be killed here by Xiang Yu and Tian.
"Hallelujah ~ ~ Hallelujah ~ ~ Hallelujah ~ ~" A burst of sacred music sounded at this time. Hundreds of beautiful angels walked out of a Tianweimen in the middle school. A middle-aged man with ivory robes, a crown and a golden staff appeared in the middle school. When he appeared, several petals floated in the sky, and a holy light immediately came out to block the chain that rushed to the five monarch angels.
"Swish swish ~" The chain quickly rotates and exits, firmly wrapping this solitary leaf, Satan, Lucifer and others in the center of the chain. There are thousands of circles inside and outside the rotating chain as deep and charming as a rotating nebula.
"Great Emperor, thank you for your gift ~" After several monarchs and angels returned to absolute being, they quickly knelt on the ground and spoke respectfully to the bearer, kneeling on the ground with a face of longing and fanaticism. Gabriel also quietly turned to look at Xiang Yu’s eyes and flashed a trace of resentment.
It’s true that this man is none other than the man who claims to be the first person in heaven since the fall of Mundus. The Lord is the closest man to God, of course, but the Lord is not a god. He is close, and his strength is superior to all the immortal monarchs, but he is a real god. This is the symbol of the enemy in the current world of Jehovah.
Without a word, a golden chair appeared behind the Lord, and the Lord sat slowly, and then his cold eyes scanned Lucifer, Satan and two Titan elders, Ye Guchen, and several people were scared. Their foreheads shook and they unconsciously broke into a cold sweat. The pressure on the border was really beyond their ability, but Ye Guchen felt a little bit of pressure and immediately returned to his senses. When he saw his master Xiang Yu, he saw him smiling at himself. It seems that all this was indispensable to him.
"You finally survived that robbery?" The Lord sighed and was silent for a moment, then some regrets said, from the heart, he still doesn’t want anyone who can compete with him, but now it’s obviously too late. There is no wonder in the world, and there is no shortage of amazing talents. Tens of thousands of years ago, Mundus dominated the heavens and went against the sky. Now he, the Lord, lives in Xiang Yutian. Which one is not a genius? Absolute genius, and the golden titan that will grow up in the future. These are all things that transcend the common customs and understand the strong. Everything seems to have its own destiny. Even he, the Lord, can’t stop it, even if he wants to stop it.
"This is natural, but how can I appear in that robbery? Hey, hey, you probably didn’t think of the Lord, did you? There are many words in the wrong novel network. "Xiang Yu sneers at a noncommittal saying that it is absolutely impossible to say that you want to spend the last robbery without enough luck, strong magic weapon and good environment."
"No matter if you go home, now that you have passed that robbery, it is an equal with me. Today, I won’t be difficult for you. Go back to the East. You don’t intervene in this matter. After I sign the East, I promise to leave you an open path ~" Sitting there, the Lord revealed a smile and then said flatly, although the tone was dull, it revealed a momentum that did not violate.
Even Ye Guchen is not happy to see such a scene, not to mention the evil emperor Xiang Yutian. The whole East knows that Xiang Yutian is a human being. That is definitely a dare to hold hands and go against the fate. Who wants to bully him? Is it possible? Even if the strength is ten thousand times higher than him, he will make a desperate attempt. This tone of the Lord, he naturally won’t buy it. After taking a look at the Lord in front, Xiang Yu said coldly, "The Lord, you don’t think too highly of yourself, do you?" A lot of words in the wrong novel network. What are you? By order. Me? I never listen to other people’s orders, let alone you and I didn’t have Du Jie before, so what can I do now? Don’t be the first person in the world, okay? Bah, don’t say that the old guy who is just a blood clan is afraid of being able to compete with you now, not to mention the incarnation of God beast. If it weren’t for those guys who are too busy with Du Jie to show up, it’s your turn to speak in this heaven. Hum naturally sit and watch the sky. Today, Xiang Yutian will let you know that it is called the first distraction of heaven and earth! Let you know that knowing is called sitting in the well and watching the sky is called ignorance! "
Talking Xiang Yu, the chain beside the sky turned on its own and went straight to the Lord without saying anything. When everyone didn’t react, the chain had surrounded the Lord as the five monarchs and angels around him and the beautiful blazing angels. "Bang ~" The chain came up with a white flame, which instantly burned up, followed by a scream, and the beautiful blazing angels fell one after another. Naturally, this flaming flame didn’t show mercy because of their beauty. These blazing angels instantly turned to ashes, and they never dreamed of following the Lord.
The five monarchs and angels joined forces to cast light magic and formed a milky shield to wrap their department, which blocked the fire attack. However, it can be seen that the light of this milky passport is gradually weakening and diminishing, and it has disappeared unconsciously.
Just at this time, when the five monarchs and angels were about to lose their support, suddenly a golden light flashed in the sky and covered the area around the Lord. Then the white flame was dispelled and replaced by a clear chain. When the light disappeared, the beautiful blazing angels around the Lord disappeared. Obviously, the ivory silk robe of the Lord disappeared and was replaced by a golden armor and a big sword with two hands, and the five monarchs and angels around the Lord were printed with inverted angel patterns long ago.
These poor monarchs and angels were already at the top of the world. Although there is still a gap between them and the great emperor, they are not weak compared with others. But now they understand how ridiculous their former ideas are. Whether they are the great emperor Jehovah or the evil emperor Xiang Yu, they can only dream of it. They can walk through dozens of moves in each other’s hands, but now they are white. These monarchs and angels are actually insignificant ants in the eyes of real masters.
This time, if it wasn’t for the emperor and the emperor’s brazen hand, they would have died in the hands of Xiang Yu. They have no doubt that the five of them jointly issued a light shield, which is already extremely strong, even if the emperor and the emperor are hard to break, but now it seems that this is just a child’s play. The other party has not yet started to do it, and they almost caught them all with a chain and a flame. How can they be proud at this moment?
The warm smile on the face of the Lord has disappeared and replaced it with a gloomy face, which seems to scrape a layer of ice.
"Xiang Yutian, do you really want to fight with me?" The Lord looked at Xiang Yu coldly, and his eyes were gone. Just now, the compassionate light was replaced by a gloomy face, and his eyes were like poisonous snakes.
"begin? Hehe, is Jehovah an idiot? I’ve already made it so obvious. Aren’t you white? " Xiang Yu Tian proudly said to the Lord in front of him, to tell the truth, he really didn’t put it in his eyes. For Xiang Yu Tian, now he has absolute confidence against the Lord. After spending the celestial world, he can really form such a sentence, "Jin Lin is a dragon in the pool!"
Now Xiang Yu is absolutely tough compared with the days before. If he used to be a pond carp, then now he has become a dragon for nine days, and he has been strong enough to rob the fairy. But now Xiang Yu feels that he is just a strong ant before the real master, but he is not.
"If you and I start work here now, it will destroy the whole western heaven. If you have the courage, we will fight a duel outside the star!" The Lord said coldly and looked at this Xiang Yu day. Seeing Xiang Yu’s body move, he moved himself and blinked. Two people have disappeared from this crowd and reappeared in this cosmic star hundreds of millions of miles away.
Unlike this man’s virtual universe, this celestial world is actually a completely connected continent, but this continent is divided into two pieces, one belonging to the east and the other to the west. I don’t know that hundreds of Wan Li generally don’t have the strength to cross the fairy level, but there are also stars in the virtual universe outside this day, but there is no life here except the celestial world. That little star is like looking at the flowers in the water and trying to break through the gravity of this celestial world. It is an idiotic dream to come to this star without the strength of Xiang Yu, Tian and Jehovah.
"Well, if you want to fight when you get to the place, then do it. I want to see you, too. Jehovah is the first person who claims to be a god, and the people in the vertical and horizontal heavens can be the enemy. Hey hey, actually, in my opinion, in the era of Mundus, you were just a strong reptile, so you still dare not resist the fate. Mundus’s view of you is just inconsiderate, but I haven’t seen the fate for some time in my life. Mundus can take your knife. Come on, let me see your Jehovah’s strength." Xiang Yutian’s
"Good for so many years. It has been many years since the death of Mundus. No one dares to challenge my majesty. Good Xiang Yu Tian, you are very good. I will satisfy you and let you die!" Side before the Lord coldly looking at xiang yu day disdain sneer at a way
The two men have already begun to talk. The Lord’s body has spread itself. A golden light flashed across a long sword and appeared in front of the Lord. It fell into the hands of the Lord. The Lord’s body moved as fast as thunder and thunder, and the whole star universe trembled as if it would completely split the surrounding area.
This sword seems ordinary, but if it is even a sword in this heaven, there will be a sudden collapse. It seems ordinary, but if the other party is a master of peerless immortals, he will have turned into fly ash before the sword reaches him.
"Jingle ~" After the sword, the silvery white chain around Xiang Yu Tian abruptly blocked the Lord’s attack on Xiang Yu Tian, yawned disdainfully and took a mocking look at the Lord and said, "Is the God the first man, the Lord, at this level? If you have such strength, I advise you to bow down and surrender quickly. "
This made the Lord’s face change and then he shot again in an instant. The virtual universe was full of swords and shadows. Several stars were abruptly cut into pieces by the Lord. There were marginal swords and shadows everywhere. Unfortunately, Xiang Yutian here yawned as if he didn’t look in the eyes, but he didn’t move when he gave the Lord a cold look. Although it was horrible, he never broke his defense. Xiang Yutian naturally wouldn’t look in the eyes
I don’t know how many swords I’ve fought, and the Lord is a little breathless, but Xiang Yu’s day here has stood firmly in this virtual place and disdained to look at it. The Lord immediately said noncommittally, "You’ve been fighting for so long. How do you say you should let me do it now?" Wrong novel network many words "
The chain immediately rushed out, and when the Lord didn’t react, it was closed around and surrounded the Lord. It was a long time, and hundreds of thousands of miles of chains were closed around. All the moments, a white flame went straight to the Lord. The Lord was frightened and quickly resisted the spewing flame, but when he blocked the flame, one end of the rope had already rushed over. The other end of the rope was a silver diamond spike that rushed straight to the Lord. Although the Lord came, However, with the protection of a golden shield, the LORD was defeated by this diamond-shaped chain. This golden shield abruptly hit this chest position, vomited an one mouthful blood, and severely hit the chain behind it. The chain was stunned by the face flame, and it was not as if Xiang Yu shook his head.
"Gee, that is to say, the first person in China is called Emperor Jehovah? Hey, hey, this picture of you really doesn’t fit this identity. It seems that you are just a figurehead. Even the old bat is not as good as Hum. Fortunately, the old bat didn’t destroy your mind. Otherwise, you would have died in the hands of this old bat. Here I have to say, Lord, Lord, do you deserve to be proclaimed emperor? In my opinion, you are just a real waste! " Xiang Yu said with a cold hum that he is now doing his best to fight against the Lord. He was hunted by the Lord for hundreds of years, and he almost died in the hands of the Lord several times. His heart is full of resentment for the high-ranking emperor, and now it’s hard to turn over. Naturally, he can’t easily let go of the Lord. It’s his Xiang Yu day!
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Stars chain
Chapter two hundred and sixteen Stars chain
"Damn xiang yu day you want to see my real strength? I’m telling you now that provoking me is your biggest mistake. You shouldn’t provoke me to provoke me. Just wait to face my emperor’s anger! " The Lord’s face has lost its gentle temperament at the moment. Instead, it is a face of anger and latosolic red eyes. Xiang Yutian’s face looks more ferocious than terror. He said slowly, it seems that Xiang Yutian really angered the Lord this time.
"Pa pa ~" Two loud slaps landed hard on the cheek of the Lord, leaving two very bright and bright red. When I looked at the Lord coldly, I spat and disdained to say, "Bah, I deserve it with you ~ If you have something to do, you will take it out. Maybe you will be afraid that you will not be a waste when you are old!"
Two slaps made Xiang Yu Japanese, while the Lord here was completely angered. Looking at this Xiang Yu day coldly, his body trembled, and his golden light degenerated and replaced it with milky holy light. Then the Lord circled his body, and the whole body trembled, trembled and twisted, and then roared with a holy light several times.
"Ah ~ ~" was accompanied by a loud roar, and the whole virtual universe seemed to be illuminated. Generally, even this heaven can see this hot white light, and then it came, which shocked everyone.
Those packages, the Lord’s chain, were instantly dispersed and returned to Xiang Yu’s side, which made Xiang Yu’s eyes appear a little fanatical light and constantly challenged. The strong one was Xiang Yu’s pursuit of his life, and he has challenged several masters along the way. It is precisely because of this that he came to this point step by step. After he broke through, he felt a decline. First, he found Cain, the blood clan ancestor, and fought a war, but only to find that although the other party was strong, it was not his opponent, and then he came to this celestial world. Looking for this Lord, it is only a coincidence that they met Ye Guchen. This is a battle that he is looking forward to. Unfortunately, the performance of the Lord is unsatisfactory
In Xiang Yu’s view, the root of the Lord doesn’t deserve the title of God’s first person. Although the strength of the Lord is good against the general immortal, one can kill several, but he still doesn’t deserve to fight with himself. In Xiang Yu’s view, he is not even as good as Cain’s old bat, but now it seems that the situation is obviously not the case. The Lord even hid his strength, which surprised Xiang Yu’s day and was full of fighting spirit and excitement.
"Hey hey you finally took out your strength? Gee, Lord, the momentum of the Lord is not weak, but I hope you don’t let me down. "Xiang Yu smiled and looked at the Lord in the light in front of him and said to himself in a low voice.
This kind of self-talk can’t hide from the Lord. When the light disappears, the Lord appears again. But what’s different is that the momentum of the Lord is now a hundred times stronger than before? The strength is far from the same, and the blue pupil has become the golden pupil of the cave god, full of murderous look, just like a horrible beast
And behind the Lord, the most prominent change is the brilliance mark on the back, and even when I don’t know, white angel wings grow. But this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that there are more than 14 angel wings, and it can be said that he has surpassed common sense and surpassed the average angel.
"The Lord didn’t expect you to be an angel! Hey, hey, it seems that the origin of the angel family is not as simple as it looks to outsiders ~ ~ "Xiang Yutian squinted at the scene before him and asked, knowing that the angel family was created by Emperor Jehovah. He created the angel tree, and angels were born in the angel tree. The first one was Lucifer, followed by Michael, and then the rest of the monarch angels and other angels. It can be said that the whole angel family was created by Jehovah, and he created a new race, and this race department is all his, but now it seems that. The situation is obviously not that simple. The Lord is an angel, an angel superior to the twelve-winged monarch, which proves that this angel family is not the root of the angel family he created, even at a higher level.
"Angels? Can the angel family be a little distracted and white? Although you have survived the cloud nine robbery and reached the realm of distraction, you can be said to be the first master of distraction in this universe, but are you really lucky and powerful in this world? There have been scattered gods in the digital plane for a long time. Are you qualified to know the origin of our great angel family? Hum, Xiang Yu, although I didn’t play against the scattered gods, I tell you the truth that I am a great angel with fourteen wings. I am definitely not a small scattered god who can compete with you. Even if I am a real god, I have a fighting force! " The Lord said coldly with his eyes full of emotion that at the moment he was totally different from what he had just done.
"Are you? Have a fighting force with me? Then try it ~ I hope you won’t let me down! Well, don’t worry, even if I beat you today, I won’t kill you, because you make me satisfied and let me know that I’m far from the end now. Since my predecessors have been distracted, I think I have higher goals and pursuits, and you are very good. It’s very good to tell me these things. Of course, if you can really beat me, it would be best. At the very least, you should let me know that I still have opponents in this world who are not so lonely. "Xiang Yutian smiled and then noncommittally said that the chain in his hand rushed out and went straight to the Lord.
Seeing this scene, the Lord squinted and did not move, but said faintly, "God said there should be light!" "
At the moment, a gorgeous light collided with this chain by its appearance, and it collided with this chain abruptly. The place where the two collided immediately produced conan the destroyer energy. Several black holes appeared at the same time and then disappeared again, and the virtual universe in Fiona Fang where they were located was shattered and even shook.
Seeing such a scene, Xiang Yu suddenly laughed and said, "People say that there is a magic skill in the west that you, the Lord, have mastered. It is said that you have given the seven monarchs and angels a lot of strength. I have never seen you make it, but now it seems that you need such a body to make it, right? There are many words in the wrong novel network, haha, the great prophecy is so powerful that it can produce edge energy in one sentence, which is probably formed by the soul force pouring into the body to manipulate the elements. There are many words in the wrong novel network, but you can form a great prophecy so quickly. Jehovah, you really didn’t let me down. In that case, I’ll show you what it’s called a real star lock! "
"The stars lock! The stars are heavenly and the stars are locked! " Here, the LORD’s face was furious, and some fears exclaimed. This star lock, however, he knew that it was definitely the top magic weapon, the top figure in the celestial world, and the star Buddha claimed to have the strongest defense force in the world, and the second strongest attack force claimed to be the absolute defense barrier. Everyone could break this star lock defense.
Of course, fear flashed and was replaced by greed. Although he didn’t understand how Xiang Yutian got this thing, he didn’t believe that Xiang Yutian could play the power of this star lock. If he couldn’t play the power, it wouldn’t be absolute defense. He still had a chance.
"Hey ~ I didn’t expect you to know the lock of stars and the Buddha of stars? Hey, hey, Jehovah, it seems that your heel is really not simple. Look at your appearance. Do you want this thing? You guessed that there are many words in the wrong novel network. Now I really don’t have the ability to exert the power of this star lock, but it’s not enough for you, Jehovah, to try to take this thing from me! " Xiang Yutian here sneers and disdains to say that this is his biggest secret. He has never let anyone know that the chain he made before was just an illusion of a star lock. He did it once, and that was against Armageddon, but now he obviously doesn’t want to hide it. Because he feels confident now, Xiang Yutian can’t take this star lock away from himself!
"God says destruction!" The Lord took a cold look at Xiang Yu Tian and jumped out with such a sentence. The words are short but don’t underestimate the voice. Around Xiang Yu Tian, a horrible and destructive force is squeezed and rushed to Xiang Yu Tian. This makes Xiang Yu Tian dare not underestimate that half of it may die here because of a bad one. These energies have enough strength to hurt his body.
Seeing such a scene, Xiang Yu Tian Yi has a bright silver face and stars at both ends. The chain of the sun and the moon emblem wraps the Xiang Yu Tian with the continuous rotation of the moon emblem, but the terrorist energy around him keeps rotating, but it is impossible to get close to Xiang Yu Tian, and the Japanese emblem goes straight to the Lord with a hot white flame and will reach the Lord.
The Lord can’t be careless. Although the flame is still white, its power has increased by a thousand times. He can clearly feel that once the white flame is close to himself, he will peel off his skin ~
"God said to defend!" Once again, the big prophecy appeared in front of the Lord to resist the attack of this Japanese emblem. The collision between the two suddenly produced a huge impact, which made the Lord have some ways to resist the huge shock wave sweeping thousands of miles.

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