Repeatedly, but if she talks, he will.

Taotao looked out of the window, chewing potato chips in her mouth.
He won’t talk if she doesn’t talk these days.
The two stayed in the same room for three days, and it was as quiet as if they were not in each other.
Last night, Nangong Dust made a nest on the tree trunk with the fallen leaves and dead branches of Lycium barbarum.
She just looked at him quietly at the window, his black robe and silver hair stained with blood, and his handsome face and calm expression.
This man touches the fog like a ball, even if it is gentle as spring breeze, she always seems to approach him.
Nangong dust will bring her soul back to people at the risk of extinction, but she doesn’t understand why he is so obsessed with her today.
Taotao thought a lot but didn’t ask a word.
The nangongshan dust if you want to say would have told her.
Fugui went to sleep in the nest after eating potato chips.
It’s not bad to sleep as a bird after eating. It’s nothing to worry about if you want less.
"Senior Sister" Xiao Yuetu suddenly called her "What are your plans for coming?"
Are you going to?
The original Taotao stayed in Chongqing to recuperate and inexplicably intervened in the fox incident, the puppet master incident and the Shinto incident.
Now, the maze injury has not been healed and new injuries have been added. Although she is rich and rich, she has cured the trauma and lost her blood gas, but she has not made up for it.
It is said that there will be a spiritual division audition for her at Chaos Tomb Headquarters soon.
She is going to go to Shaocheng’s justified chaotic burial spiritual master, with subsidies and a place to stay.
Besides, she doesn’t know that Shifangpu is scattered all over the place, and the alliance won’t tell these information to outsiders casually.
If you can formally join the chaos tomb through selection, you can get the first-hand debris information from the debris
Would it be more convenient to find the scattered location of Shifangpu?
Xiao Yuetu suggested, "Why don’t you come to China Lingyuan? Since you have a spiritual pulse, of course, you have to go to China Lingyuan to study. Only a strong spiritual teacher can accept ten prescriptions, right? Although it is not the enrollment season now, if you are recommended by me and my brother, the college will not want you. "
"Why don’t you invite me to Hualing Hospital?" Yuan Tian’s articulation focuses on my words.
Xiao Yuetu sat on the back of the sofa and glanced at him casually. "Because Hualing Institute doesn’t want waste."
Yuan Tian cut a "it was Yuan Ling who spoke like him"
Just then, the small courtyard gate was opened.
Yuan Ling is behind the door with a group of spiritual masters from the Special Bureau.
Yuan Tian immediately hid behind Taotao "to catch me again"
Yuan Ling’s backlighting light and shadow fell on his face, which was a little dull and even more cool.
The solution of falling into Shinto just now, he took the spiritual master involved to have a simple meal, and Yuan Tianhe and Xiao Yuetu sneaked out.
Xiao Yuetu saw Yuan Ling coming and knew that it was time for her to jump from the sofa and walk to Taotao. "Elder martial sister, I have to go. Remember that I said that if you want to come to China, call me. I am very good at Hualing Hospital. No one dares to provoke you."
"Thanks" Taotao smiles.
Xiao Yuetu shouldered her nine-turn firefly umbrella and walked beside Yuan Ling.
The man is still looking at Yuan Tian, determined to take him away.
The teenager hid behind Taotao and remembered the memory of seeing Yu Yuanling in his dream not long ago through butterfly fascination.
After Zhuang Xiaomeng came to the Sixth Avenue, no psychic was willing to let her spy on her memory.
Yuan Ling said "Me first" with a straight face.
Even the director of the special agent came out, and others didn’t dare to refuse without reason.
Since the death of his parents, Yuan Tian has always felt that eldest brother is very fierce, and he is not allowed to do this and that.
Whenever he wants to engage in a spiritual career, he is always ridiculed by men and wants to be strong and prove himself.
But in the mirror, he saw Yuan Ling kneeling on the forehead of her parents’ tombstone when she was a teenager, and her broken hair covered her cold eyes.
He said that he would never let his brother take the road of spiritual master.
The Yuan family have been employees of the Special Bureau for generations. This is a mission and a responsibility, even if they will die at any time.
He said that this generation needs him to bear the responsibility alone.
And his brother Yuan Tian will live an ordinary and safe life.
It’s very safe behind peaches and peaches. That’s what I think.
But what if he runs away from home if he wants to hide in an safe place?
Thinking that Yuan Tian came out from behind Taotao, he went to Yuan Ling. "Brother, I have something to say to you."
Outside the door
Yuan Ling ruthlessly took out her open-fingered leather gloves and put them on her hand.

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