"Does it hurt?"

Two people speak at the same time.
I didn’t expect him to ask such a question at night, but I don’t know if he asked whether his mouth hurt so much or whether he had just rubbed it.
She looked at him and asked her question again instead of answering. "What does Lord Feng want?"
Today’s move is her fault. She knows that he will be angry, and she knows that she didn’t expect to be forgiven by him. She asked him to take a break.
What do you mean by not giving it and then torturing her here?
"Have you heard the story of saving Zhao by besieging Wei?"
The man suddenly opened his mouth, and his tall body pushed her a lot, forcing her to lean back.
Encircle Wei to save Zhao?
As soon as the pupil closes at night.
Does he mean that what she is doing today is to rescue Zhao by besieging Wei, or is it deliberately pushing him to the forefront, but in fact it is to save Mo Qianyu?
Realizing this, I jumped from the eyebrows at night
Did he find out?
Found out that the queen mother found out that she was helping Mo Qianyu out of trouble and found out that she left at night?
"What do you know?" Breathing a lag, she blurted out
Perhaps it is to see that she will fall on the windowsill again. The man suddenly stretched out his big hand and grabbed her collar, pulling her to his face and twisting her to the front of the bronze mirror in the house.
When her big hand loosened, she almost bumped into the bronze mirror.
"I don’t know what I know your lips even for a while, ok?
The "
The man turned and walked towards the door with an indifferent expression.
At night, I lay prostrate in front of the bronze mirror and looked at myself in the mirror. It took me a long time to return to my absolute being.
Slumped down on the stool and gasped slightly.
After a while, suddenly a lift eyes saw a long figure standing behind her in the bronze mirror, and she shook her head.
Turned out to be gone and returned to Phoenix Shadow Ink.
Why are you back?
She stood up quietly and leaned back against the dresser. She looked at him a little warily.
Phoenix shadow inked her reaction, and her eyes were gloomy.
"Let’s make it clear!"
The night left without saying anything. She didn’t know what else to say or what to say.
"If you have feelings with the emperor, tell me that I will never win people’s love and never share a woman with another man, even if the other person is the emperor, I am not rare."
A man’s voice is not light, not heavy, not stupid, not sick, without a trace of emotion.
Shaking your head at night is shaking your head.
What is love?
If Mo Qianyu has feelings for her, how can the country want to sacrifice her only sister regardless of her feelings?
If Mo Qianyu has feelings for her, how can she regard her request as insisting on marrying her sister to a man who is extremely emotional and dangerous?
If Mo Qianyu has feelings for her, and she is like him today, he should think about what Feng Yingmo will do to her or Ni Ling. How can he have the heart not to let him divorce his wife and let a weak woman face such torture?
Heh ~
She smiled gently. "How can I have feelings with the 95 th Emperor without Phoenix’s adult thinking too much?" No! "
Men don’t react too much to her words, and I don’t know whether they believe it or not. Phoenix eyes are congealed with her lips, and the bitter smile in them is getting colder.
"If you are the emperor who married me because you want to monitor or restrain me, I advise you that you don’t have to worry about it. I have to do it aboveboard. There is no secret that I need you to bother."
"No, it’s not." Night away denied it.
Mo Qian Yu needs Feng Ying Mo around him. They are quite old, but they are also teachers and friends.
She didn’t want this pair of monarch and minister to feel bad about it.
"I’m not with the emperor. At best, the eldest brother is just his minister."
Phoenix shadow ink smiled.
The smile on the lips is touching, but the chill in the eyes is like frost in the twelfth month.
"That’s strange. You two love you and are not others. It’s strange today. Aren’t you sick? Will appear in his wing like that? Don’t tell me that it’s because Shen Yan’s snow was deliberately made. You and I both know that these words can deceive outsiders. "
"I …"
Night away completely can’t say a word.
Seeing her faltering, the man narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "Is it because the emperor asked you to invade you first and you are too scared to say it?"
Seeing that the night was still silent, his pupils narrowed and he said, "If that’s the case, I will never let him go. I will never allow anyone to get their hands on me, even if the other person is heaven!"
The last few words, word by word, sen leng almost burst through his teeth, and he heard a quiver from his heart at night.
As soon as the voice fell, the man turned and strode out. He was frightened and quickly chased him. "No, it’s not what you want!" "
She knew that it was absolutely possible to settle accounts with the emperor according to this man’s personality theory.
The man stopped, his eyes briefly looked down at her, tugged at her hand tightly in the sleeve for a moment, and then slowly looked up at her. There was nothing deep in her eyes that she could understand.
"Since I don’t want this or that, what is it?"
The man held her eyes tightly and looked in.
At night, the centrifugal tip shook his head and said, "That’s what I told everyone. It makes me uncomfortable to see you treat Shen Yan snow like that. I’m angry. My heart is unbalanced. I want to be angry with you and make you uncomfortable!"
Say that finish at night for fear that you will feel guilty and lose your discretion when you pause.
The man’s eye moved slightly, and the bottom of his eyes passed by, and it seemed that he was shocked. She would say so, but she was quickly replaced by ridicule.
He laughed in a low voice as if he had heard a funny joke.
"uncomfortable? Angry? Do you think I am a three-year-old child? Who said that we are different from ordinary couples? We can’t get along with my husband and wife without emotional foundation? Who said that we were husband and wife before, and she was her after? I am me. We respect each other, don’t interfere with each other and don’t invade each other? This way, people will feel uncomfortable and angry because of Shen Yan’s snow. "

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