Sue ink sighed in my heart.

It was only at the moment when Long Huang was reborn and regained consciousness that he realized that Butterfly Moon had a good heart.
Butterfly Moon left, but she still couldn’t trust him.
Even left him three gifts, although so far he still doesn’t know what the third gift is.
But the first two gifts, worrying about flowers and burning bones, have helped him a lot!
He can only step into spiritual practice because he is worried about flowers instead of spiritual roots.
Even more because of worrying about flowers, he can be buried at the bottom of the dragon valley and then reborn!
Butterfly Moon was very worried that he couldn’t bear too much blow and buried two sentences in the ancient temple at the bottom of the Dragon Valley.
And god burned bones to save his life several times!
In the end, with the help of the blood dragon blood fusion in the bone of God Burn, he evolved into a taboo dragon burn for all families!
Butterfly Moon left the Nirvana avatar to him at last.
This is equivalent to giving him one more life!
What is fate?
This is it!
With the help of the nirvana avatar Su Moke, the fighting power will rise sharply and the enemy will be killed with great probability!
Normally, it is true.
Even if Long Huang didn’t understand the top emperor of the five fierce families in World War I, Youhua was killed on the spot by the town.
Long Huang himself also has a chance to be reborn from nirvana, and then he will kill the ghost witch emperor and others!
Sue ink wry smile slightly.
Butterfly Moon has calculated almost everything.
But Butterfly Moon is not omnipotent.
Even Butterfly Moon couldn’t have thought that today, he faced Su Mo, not an opponent from the wild mainland, but a strong enemy from the world!
He fought against the strong enemy with Sumerian method!
vault of heaven
Long Huang himself suddenly took a deep breath.
Around him, the flames burst into flames, and the flames poured into his mouth and nose. All his flesh and blood merged!
Long Huang is born again!
This is an exciting thing, but both the terran emperors and all the creatures are heavy-hearted and gloomy.
There is a sad atmosphere all over the mainland!
A little eyesight knows that even if Long Huang is born again, it won’t help. He will be killed again!

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