Seeking self-protection, alliance

It is planned to take the lead in sending Coalition forces to attack Terran and disrupt Terran deployment before Terran is ready.
It is best to destroy the Terran in World War I.
It’s a pity.
The idea of ten thousand families is good
But congenital ten thousand families are not a piece of iron bucket.
There are many enmities among the ten thousand families.
How can we form an alliance so easily?
All ethnic groups wrangle with each other and attack each other, which leads to the delay in the success of the alliance.
Until the Terran was ready, the ten thousand families didn’t discuss a specific charter.
Then Fuxi went step by step and swept dozens of ethnic groups in just a few thousand years.
It was also at this time that the congenital ten thousand families panicked and had to temporarily put each other’s hostilities into an alliance to fight against the Terran.
All ethnic groups join forces, and the Terran will compete with each other at this time.
It wasn’t long before the Terran was losing ground, losing not only the newly-fought territory, but also a lot of its original territory.
On the one hand, he led the Terran to retreat to their ancestors and sent people to the Alliance of Nations to provoke dissension.
Terran’s rout, the alliance of all nationalities has long since been squeezed by foreign enemies, and the Fuxi faction has provoked dissension. It was not long before the alliance of all nationalities collapsed.
The wild will fall into a scuffle situation among all ethnic groups.
When the consumption of ten thousand families was almost up, Fuxi led the Terran army out to clean up the mess.
At this time, after years of war, the strength of the ten thousand families was seriously consumed, and it was not the Terran opponents who were beaten and lost.
Part of the congenital race saw this and surrendered directly to the Terran.
There are also some congenital races that stick to the glory of the congenital race and form an innate alliance to fight to the death.
The two sides fought a long-drawn-out war on the wild land.
And when the wild is caught in a melee, the distant chaos is not very calm.
Chaos fiends have a new plan!
Chapter five hundred and forty Chaos
Outside the Lich Gate, several stalwart figures stand in the chaos, overlooking the wild.
"It seems that after so many years, the flood has come out and the shadow brought by the extinction has gradually subsided."
"In that case, friends, it’s time for us to prepare gifts."
Suddenly a statue of fiend said with a smile
"It is extremely! It is extremely! "
"Those Taoist friends just broke the seal and came out at the peak of Xiu Yuan’s law. After being suppressed by heaven, China and Japan will have a very difficult life."
"We need a big gift from Honghuang to relieve their physical pressure."
Next to this fiend, several chaotic fiends immediately chimed in.
Then I saw that they joined hands to offer a huge black light mass, which filled the air with tyranny, chaos, gasification and non-chaos.
This is a special treasure made by the chaotic fiends themselves who were crushed by Pangu in those years. It is a combination of chaotic source and qi source.
It was from this that the savage beast was originally born in the ancient times.
So the meaning of this group of chaotic fiends is very clear. They want to deliver the innate fierce beasts to the wild, and the fierce beasts will be robbed again.
"Do it!"
Language fell a few chaotic fiend together to qi qi toward the universe.
The terrorist forces broke out in chaos, causing terrible waves, causing ripples and slamming into the Lich Gate.
Thud, be one!
In the face of several chaotic fiends attacking the Lich Gate, the resistance was breached.
It didn’t take the slightest effort to seal the face of the Lich’s second clan’s defense against Heaven and Hong Jun.
Chaos fiend is too strong!
Powerful enough to go beyond the cognition of the wild creatures
They would have destroyed Pangu if they hadn’t feared it.

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