That means he should be born!

However, Di Jun will not die, even if he is born, he can’t get out of Zixing.
Going out means death!
Of course, if Feng Zichen can fight against the whole demon race on her own, she will go out.
But obviously he can’t!
This era belongs to Di Jun!
An era belongs to him!
Feng Zichen’s merits are not over yet, but they are still pouring in, but these merits are not enough for him to practice.
It is the wind Zichen who wanted to think in vain and tried to pour merit into the earth.
In the violent roar, the surrounding veins surged wildly, and the merits and virtues merged to form a huge mountain peak rising from the bottom of the sea.
The mountain peak is magnificent, and it seems to be soaring into the sky. In a few days, it has been a bloody sea, and the horse will emerge.
At this moment, Feng Zichen’s handprint suddenly changed. Instead of rushing to the earth, the meritorious deeds turned into golden flames and burned towards the mountain peak.
Zi zi zi …
Accompanied by a burst of noise, the impurities in the mountain peak were refined one by one by virtue fire, and plumes of black smoke dissipated in the blood sea.
While the merit fire smelted the mountain peak, the blood source hidden in the blood water was inevitably refined by the merit and melted into the mountain peak.
A touch of blood color appears in the mountain, although it is very light, but it is abnormal, and as more blood sources are integrated into the mountain, more and more blood color gradually changes to blood red.
At the same time, the fire of merit has become more and more vigorous, and more impurities have been refined out of the mountain peak, which is visible to the naked eye and the speed has decreased
Virtue is the source of heaven and earth, and it has the ability to create everything. Zichen’s purpose of integrating it into the earth is already very obvious. This is to create a blessed land.
One belongs to the ghost repair paradise!
Whether there is a ghost practice in the underworld or not, you need a place to live.
And the ancestors of other ghosts in Fengdu Emperor need a Dojo to preach that ghosts practice the law to rule all ghosts!
Feng du Luoshan!
This is the name of Feng Zichen’s mountain and his future Dojo.
Fengdu Emperor lives in Luoshan and holds the palm of the netherworld to rule all ghosts, establish a cave in six palaces and seal ghosts and gods for six days.
"It seems that this Taoist friend is really going to settle down in a bloody sea."
"then being original will help him show his kindness with one arm."
Seeing Feng Zichen’s behavior, the Taoist Styx naturally guessed that he was going to think for a while and decided to help him evolve the Dojo.
It is his natural ally to make the other person’s blood safe at home. Now it is easier to pull in when talking for a while.
Road flyover enemy in Styx?
Funny, he’s one of the top ten magical powers that the ghost blood Lord can rank in the flood.
Are all real people too one?
The vast expanse of the wild can make his enemies count no more than one palm except saints.
On the virtual road flyover Styx just pulled out a blood source and threw it at Luoshan.
The change of blood source into Luoshan suddenly became fierce, and the mountain turned dark red with Yin Shaqi flowing out.
"Thank you, Daoyou!"
"I can’t thank you before I have something to do, but I hope my friends will forgive me."
Stabilize the Luoshan Wind and Zichen saluted the road flyover Styx far away.
He is the only one in the sea of blood who can send out the source of blood at will.
"Ha ha!"
"Taoist friends are welcome!"
"What’s in front of you needs to be discussed later."
Road flyover Styx smiled and answered.
"Thank you for your understanding!"
Back to the wind, Zichen continued to use her magical powers to transform Luoshan.
Get a mass of blood. feng du Luoshanyuan is suspicious and vigorous.
Is Luoshan the blessed land that is made up the day after tomorrow? Compared with those blessed places, there is a little more craftsmanship and a little less gas, which is naturally not as good as it is.
Frown and meditate for a while. Feng Zichen suddenly raised her right hand and pointed to the merits of Mo Luoshan to write.
Writing is a ghost classic-ghost classic!
It’s that word that is more strange and gloomy than the one that has never appeared in the wild.
That’s ghost writing!

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