武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 桑拿会所 The intense stimulation made Chen Shaobai’s eyes keep flowing outward, and the water went in one ear and the wind was messy everywhere, but he couldn’t tell where Zhiyuan was.

The intense stimulation made Chen Shaobai’s eyes keep flowing outward, and the water went in one ear and the wind was messy everywhere, but he couldn’t tell where Zhiyuan was.

Darkness represents the unknown mystery, which breeds life and gives birth to fear.
Chen Shaobai has great ambition and persistence in his heart. After the five senses are closed and the world darkens, he doesn’t feel frightened but gives birth to a quiet and elegant taste.
A wispy gray Se flame sprays from the pores of the whole body to outline a piece of mana radar instead of eyes and ears, and puts all the information of dozens of meters in Fiona Fang into my mind.
At this moment, Chen Shaobai has a new understanding and control of the body ash fire mana.
"There is a total of magical power of sun inflammation in the abdomen."
"Accumulate 1,240 mana, and you can try to impact the Xuan condensed sword pill to break through the quenching gas."
Chapter one hundred and three Seven swords lore
Zhiyuan’s face is calm, and the eyes are happy. Se’s face is pale and twisted.
The combination of Li Jing, who has been hidden for a long time, and the secret method of "The Shining Light shines" has played an extremely scary role. He has every reason to believe that unless he meets a master of quenching gas, he can be assassinated with one blow.
He is very happy because according to intelligence, this famous Chen Shaobai fish has successively offered four extreme [hurtling] flying swords, but now he is the second richest among the brothers in the Qing Dynasty and Xuanwai of Liuli. Now it seems that Chen Shaobai’s wealth is much more than expected.
In fact, Zhiyuan is willing to agree to Chang Jing’s request. Apart from sharing interests and fishing in troubled waters, he still has deeper thoughts in his heart.
"This Chen Shaobai’s performances are almost exactly the same as those of Stuart Yutang many years ago. jiǔ is also the treasure of the immortal. If I can slay him and take his secret treasure, I will be able to achieve quenching gas! It is hard to further achieve the core brother of Ri Luoyuan! "
Thinking of this, Zhiyuan’s heart is getting hotter and hotter, but his face is getting paler and sicker. He blends into the darkness like the same shadow and walks around Chen Shaobai.
Ri Luoyuan is the magic door of five cases. Every day, the afterglow of the sunset shines through the canyon abyss for a moment, and Ri Luoyuan’s ancestors built their sects in this natural barrier terrain, taking into account that most magical powers pay attention to gathering their powers, instantly bursting out with the strongest strength, and seeking instant brilliance to defeat the enemy at first sight.
However, most of the so-called magical powers have fatal defects. When the attack is the strongest, the defense is the weakest. The higher the achievement of "The Fairy Tale of Falling Ri", the thinner the defense will be after the outbreak, but the younger brother who lacks experience is often easily killed by the enemy’s dying struggle.
However, it is different to know this well. He not only moonlit the Shining Light, but also portrayed the spirit weapon "the mirror of light separation" in the 32 magic circles, and often the enemy died, even though he didn’t know it was attacked.
Looking at Chen Shaobai’s cheeks, clear water flows on both sides, and God Se’s pain is not like false Zhiyuan. He no longer hesitates to immediately gather the whole body’s mana and condense the sword in his hand.
As a scorching mana gathers and refines the blade, it quickly turns red like a soldering iron, and the surrounding gas is seared and twisted, which is as dazzling as obsidian Ri in the dark.
"In a flash, Fanghua!"
As soon as the voice fell, the sword in his hand disintegrated to turn into several streamers and suddenly burst out.
A mushroom cloud rises in the desert micro-landscape, and the dry and refreshing sand stone is also melted by high temperature, giving off a sizzling sound. Guanghua dissipates, leaving a piece of glazed tile with a hot smell. Fiona Fang’s three-foot mirror sets off Fang Yue’s cold taste.
"No one?"
Zhiyuan’s pupil contracted slightly and he felt numb all over. As soon as his limbs cooled, he reluctantly turned around and consciously sank his shoulders and knees to try to dodge.
His evasive action is correct and perfect, and he is extremely experienced in combat, but he has not only four enemies.
Flying swords with seven handles should be dazzled as seven peerless swordsmen use different swordsmanship to besiege one person.
After six attacks, I felt a sharp pain in my foot. When I looked down, I saw that my right paw had been flattened, and the blood fell out of my calf and stained the earth. There was no moonlight shining on the earth, which was a bit like black oil.
When he saw it, he couldn’t help crying painfully, "It’s over!"
Chen Shaobai’s figure turned into a wisp of smoke and repeatedly made several empty hugs, as if to tear the empty space and catch the stars, take the moon, pedal Kuidou and step on the wind and thunder all over the body, which is both light and comfortable and reveals a fierce domineering step by step, implying murder.
Seven huge potholes are deeply imprinted in the five-foot range of Zhiyuan Fiona Fang, leaving seven ghosting images and seven swords as deep as the abyss.
"What is this posture? You can avoid my avatar attack? Take the moon by ri? No! This is a layer of epidermis, and there is also a real golden scale in Jinyuan Gate! You are the Jinyuan Sect going to the Qing Xuanmen undercover! "
Zhiyuan is a wise man, and soon speculated that his eyes were flooded with hope for survival since the correct conclusion. "I am willing to swear that I will never do anything harmful to you and hand over all the secrets of treasure and never hide anything!" And also tell you a peerless secret: Wu Pei, the core brother of the Qing Xuanmen, has in his hands the precious treasure left by the chaotic emperor of the supernatural, the Yang chaos clock of Y and N, and the magic elixir and Kun Jasper of the impact quenching gas secret realm … er … "
Speak seven swords and leave fourteen holes in the body. Zhiyuan has some morbid cheeks and looks more pale and terrible.
Slowly withdraw the seven flying swords from Chen Shaobai’s face. Se is as plain as water. "If you didn’t absorb Lingshi to restore mana just now, maybe I will believe that your conditions are very attractive after all."
Although the performance is cool, but the heart secretly jǐng if chaos clock level is very high, and there are hidden news of treasures. When I go out to the Xiandao Magic Door Demon Temple, my true core brother will come around like a shark smelling blood and divide him up.
If chaos clock doesn’t want it, he can’t leave alive and witnesses, otherwise the consequences will not be what he can afford now.
A standard cut stone chalcedony fell to the ground, and it was sucked dry, and the aura became a soft sand stone, which was blown away by the strong wind.
Staring at Chen Shaobai’s clear and clear eyes, Zhiyuan’s mouth was full of blood and vaguely left his last words: "I can control the seven-handle flying sword at the same time, and I have soul power only when I am single-minded and seven-minded. I am defeated … I am not wronged!"
He breathed his last.
It is said that any country can be a guest when it is alive, and it is also a cold corpse after death. Besides being handsome, more aura than mortals and more fertile to the soil, it is unique.
I feel that the distance is getting more and more violent, and the mana fluctuation collides, and the white situation is developing beyond my imagination. Chen Shaobai quickly searches for it again. After a cursory look, he immediately gets up and runs around the yard trying to help.
"After refining, you can increase your mana and save months of penance for the secret method. A mirror looks like a spirit with all kinds of mysterious symbols …"
At the moment, it is already in the abdomen. If you have any mana, you can smile bitterly in Chen Shaobai.

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