武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 品茶论坛 I’m sorry that the sparrow spread the news that you were a hunter in the name of the squad without authorization, and the captain gave him a good lesson afterwards.

I’m sorry that the sparrow spread the news that you were a hunter in the name of the squad without authorization, and the captain gave him a good lesson afterwards.

(Sparrow sword fire squad pike makes freckles on both sides of cheeks. I hate the sexual jealousy of handsome men. Wang Yang is afraid that you will forget to make special comments because it was all a scratch.)
Looking at this email from Yaselin, Wang Yang seems to be able to see the girl who has no determination in major events. Maybe it is hard to make up her mind by sending this email.
"I’m sorry?" Wang Yang laughed at himself with a bitter smile. "Now I’m sorry again. Should I thank Tilberu for helping me clarify the matter?"? Aseline, don’t you know that rumors of this nature can almost cut off my life in sa? It’s naive, and is it just a lesson to make such a three-way abuse? The sword fire squad is really enough. "
Thinking about the famous Cuddy middle-aged sword shield made Wang Yang laugh at it wantonly. It was a good impression on Arthur Lin, so he wouldn’t vent his anger on the other side. Besides, although rumors did cause him great trouble, he is still alive and well now.
Hehe, I’m not at ease
Really? Great. I hesitated for a long time to send this email.
Wang Yang’s memory drifted back to a month ago when he met this girl who was a little unruly and kind before the game officially started. After that, the girl worried about what he wanted to bring him to the team. Unfortunately, how a level 1 rookie could be accepted by the elite team was ultimately a naive idea.
It’s over. You don’t trust me.
Based on his affection for Yaselin, although Wang Yang put a no-contact label on the sword fire team, it did not include Yaselin.
At the same time, in the maze area, after receiving this e-mail, Yaselin’s comely face showed joy and quickly tapped the virtual keyboard to reply to an e-mail.
There is still one avant-garde in our team, but captain Kadi received a sword and shield some time ago, otherwise I would recommend you to the captain. Although the swordsmen tablet doesn’t have your name, you are brilliant in bss war, but you are widely known. I didn’t expect that the rookie has become so powerful now.
I believe in Wang Yang’s words. Ashley crossed her legs and sent a long email.
On the other side, Wang Yang shook his head covering his forehead and recommended me to join the team? Are you kidding? Why didn’t you realize that Arthur Lin was missing a tendon? And in the deeds of bss war …
"It’s Tilberu, isn’t it?" Wang Yang frowned gently. If it’s only enough after the clarification of saving his life, why should he praise me specially?
Think impassability Wang Yang shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Seeing that it was getting dark, Wang Yang sent the word Hehe to Yaselin and took steps towards Urbath.
See Wang Yang reply Arthur Lin even if again silly also white each other didn’t listen to your bullshit * * and consciously drop email and rest time is almost over and didn’t continue to send emails.
An hour later, as night fell, Wang Yang rushed back to Urbas Street, which smelled of steel everywhere. From time to time, you can see many players with a face of excitement and disappointment.
Urbath, a city marked with age of steam, is the main reinforcement, while in the town, the blacksmith shop is the mainstream shop in Urbath, accounting for half of the number, and there are more materials sold in the blacksmith shop than on the first floor. It is far easier to strengthen weapons to +6 in Urbath than on the first floor.
Many players are selling in the blacksmith’s shop, and the materials are all bought without hesitation and then strengthened. Those who succeed are happy and those who fail are sad.
No matter whether the loser continues to struggle for the success of the second reinforcement and strengthens the weapon to +5 people, it is an effort to strengthen the material.
Due to the particularity of Urbas, the first floor bss has been attacked, and the enthusiasm of players has set off a wave of weapon strengthening.
However, despite this, the progress of the front line has not slowed down at all, but has accelerated.
Wang Yang was walking in Urbath Street, but what he thought was the email that Argo sent him yesterday.
Two days later, the Knight League and the Blood League will jointly launch an attack on the second layer bss. In the original book, the Blood League was originally called the Knights of the Blood League, but it became a blood league after the advent of the Knight League.
It’s only a week before the first layer maze is broken, and the player has already moved towards the second layer, and the progress is very fast.
"Knight au …"
Wang Yang walks into a restaurant, casually finds a place to sit down and rubs his temples. Whenever he thinks of the knight league established by Tilberu, he always feels uneasy. Although Tongren was crowned as a cheater just like the original book because he didn’t hand over his midnight rider coat, he kept waking up. Although Tongren still became a cheater, the plot was changed too much …
When the relatively expensive dishes are served, Wang Yang’s appetite is not as good as before
Argo sent him a message and became a messenger at the same time, mainly Tilberu hoped that he could participate in the second bss Raiders, and also hinted that Asina had joined the Blood League and was one of the Raiders.
"How could I possibly say that Argo that bastard wants me to go this time in bss Raiders?"
Wang Yang said to himself with steak on his plate.
This is the second layer of bss name. When the Raiders were newly released, bss information was updated, but compared with the information that Argo sent to him privately, the information was more detailed than the Raiders in all aspects.
Since the tooth king attacked Argo’s raiders in bss room, Argo has converged a lot without confirming the information.
And Argo sent him such detailed bss information privately, although he didn’t say anything, but his purpose was very obvious, that is, he was asked to participate in bss war
Is already upset about the plot change? How can Wang Yang get involved in this muddy water again?
Chapter 60 On a roll
Whether the topic discussion is positive or negative, it will make me very happy with the plot. After two years, the successful plot of the introduction is impossible. Now the protagonist still lacks an opportunity to change his opportunity.
Also in the aspect of attribute update, can I be lazy? I think it’s a good brain. My poor brain mass needs to be repaired. I don’t know how many brain cells will be killed!
After satisfying the appetite, Wang Yang found a hotel to have a beautiful sleep. These seven days have been spent sleeping in the wild. Although the sleeping place is not a monster’s gushing point, it will be difficult for players who have evil intentions to do so. Every night, when they fall asleep, they always have to worry, and the quality of sleep is naturally not guaranteed.
When I woke up, it was already noon the next day, when I watched it at 1: 30. At this time, the Raiders team should be sweeping monsters in the maze area, right?
Scratched his head, Wang Yang stopped thinking about it. After leaving the hotel, he went directly to the prop store to sell the props. After that, he routinely restored the durability of the equipment and supplemented the food.
After all this, Wang Yang found an open-air stall and ordered an ordinary set meal at random. The tables and chairs were regularly placed around him. At this moment, it was noon, and there were many players.
Listening to the laughter of the players around, the pictures seen and heard on the first floor gradually fade away, and many players have begun to integrate into this world, so the joys and sorrows generated are limited to reality.
Laughter is real here.
Crying here is also true.
But how long can this beauty last?
How long can this beautiful phenomenon last in a world where death happens all the time?
Wang Yang quietly ate a hamburger with ordinary and distinctive taste, and the laughter in his ear didn’t seem to dye a good color.
At the moment, what he thinks is that when the Raiders are successful two years later, 10,000 players will have 6,000 left. Maybe some of the players sitting here will be one of the 4,000 dead players.
Quickly get rid of the table set meal. Wang Yang quietly left the open-air stall without attracting attention and went to Argo to give the second coordinate point.
Now that the level is 13, it is no longer suitable to stay at the refresh point of level 1 furious bison, and the second coordinate point given by Argo is to refresh level 15. The bullfighting place just suits him. To some extent, Argo still has a considerate side
The second floor of Ain Grande is composed of huge rocks and rocks everywhere, and the second coordinate point is in a secret small valley. The entrance is a huge rock crack. Wang Yang needs to bend forward to enter
In the valley, surrounded by walls, three huge buffalo paced back and forth leisurely, and their horns spread like branches and leaves, occupying almost half of their body, which was particularly ferocious.
By the way, it’s really a pity that Argo can find this refresh point …
The entrance is a crack in the unremarkable boulder, and there is no other place to enter here. For what purpose did Argo find this place in the first place?
Wang Yang sighed with emotion that Argo, a mouse, was worthy of the name, and opened the prop bar to equip wild boar to confess.
There are three 15-level monsters on a large scale in the basketball court. Once the battle exit is triggered, the limitation will lead to no possibility of escaping. Be careful. Wang Yang is equipped with wild boar to repent.
"Then let’s start."
Staring at the leisurely fight, Niu Wangyang muttered to himself and suddenly stepped out and rushed to the bullfight at the corner.
Somewhere in the hidden valley in the mountains, there was a sudden intermittent wail.
At five o’clock in the afternoon, a name suddenly appeared on the Sword Monument in the starting town. Several players who stayed by the Sword Monument were lucky enough to see this instant scene.
"Is the second floor … opened?" One of the players just stared at the new name.

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