武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 夜网 "Father is just a daughter’s mind, so leave it to the Buddhist!" The princess got up. "It’s time for my daughter to go back!"

"Father is just a daughter’s mind, so leave it to the Buddhist!" The princess got up. "It’s time for my daughter to go back!"

"Princess, walk slowly!" Su Yiming only looked up at the princess with a flash of smile in her peach blossom eyes, which made the princess’s heart beat like a drum. "Well," she gave a gift to cold Kunyang and turned away.
"Buddhist lunch want to eat? I ordered people to do it. "Looking at the princess’s back disappearing, Leng Kunyang turned to Su Yiming.
Before Su Yiming could answer, Xiao Gui came in again. "Princess Qi and nine princess have come, saying that they have sent some light medicinal meals to the Buddhist. In addition, Mrs. Chen has come, asking if the Buddhist has woken up."
"This Chenggan Temple is really getting hotter and hotter." Leng Kunyang’s eyes flashed a trace of impatience. "Call them all in!"
According to his intention, he didn’t want to let his two daughters in, but I think they all met the princess. If they are not allowed in, I’m afraid they will say they are biased. In that case, let them see it.
"Yes!" Xiaogui bent down to go back and went out, and in a short time she brought Lengyuchen and two princesses in.
As usual, a greeting, the two princesses looked at Su Yiming’s eyes, all of which were tender and cold, and Kunyang secretly ground her teeth.
It happened that nine princess’s lively nature was naturally engaged or a rectal sitting. Without saying a few words, he directly asked Su Yiming if he had ever married and made cold Kunyang and cold rain. Su Yiming himself was immediately blacked out.
Then Su Yiming smiled, "Back to nine princess, there is already a son."
"ah? ! Buddhist has married and given birth? !” Nine princess quickly glanced at the Seventh Princess beside him. "But why haven’t you seen your wife and children?"
"What a scandal!" Cold kunyang a nu "buddhist family what are you doing? Why don’t you return the princess like a common woman? !”
"Father, calm down!" Leng Yuchen hurriedly interceded for the two imperial sisters. "My sisters are also Buddhist monks who can’t help but ask a few more words."
"It’s not a shame for the princesses to be curious." Su Yiming looked at Leng Kunyang with a fluttering feather. "Wouldn’t it be a sin for the princesses to come to see the throne kindly if it angered them?"
"Are you guilty? They have overstepped! " Leng Kunyang glared at his two daughters. "Let’s bring you medicinal meals and go home separately. Buddhist teachers need to rest and don’t always bother him!"
"It’s father!" The two princesses were so blessed that they never dared to look at Su Yiming again. They bowed their heads and said, "Grandbrother, the Buddhist is excused!" Then fled away in general.
"Buddhist you can have a big deal? Can you accompany Taitai to Liucheng after the New Year Festival? " Stay with three people left in the house. Cold rain Chen asked Su Yi anxiously. Chapter four hundred and forty-one Control him!
"Chen Tai’s body will be fine for a few days, and then I will accompany you to Liucheng." Su Yiming circled his long hair. "I don’t know how many times I have been poisoned since I was a child. This situation is really insignificant."
"Buddhist words being said, don’t be careless." Leng Kunyang took the words. "Anyway, Chen Er has already prepared to go to Liucheng, so you can set your mind at ease and raise the Lantern Festival. If you have already set off on time in Daan, if you still haven’t recovered, it will take a few days to start."
"That’s what I mean." Leng Yuchen is also a child prodigy and has always been good at figuring out his father’s mind. Yesterday, Leng Kunyang left regardless of holding the injured Su Yiming, which made him immediately see clearly the position of Su Yiming’s father.
Then I heard that my father held Su Yiming in his bedroom. It’s hard to imagine that my father really moved his heart to Su Yiming after the words of his fifth brother. Otherwise, no matter how much he paid attention to him, he wouldn’t hold a man in his dragon bed, would he? Even if I am my father’s favorite son, I have never been to my father’s dragon bed since I was a child.
Leng Yuchen immediately made some decisions when he thought that he would have to rely on his father to live better after his death. He thought of coming to Chenggan Hall early today and was afraid of disturbing his father’s good deeds, so he deliberately put it off until noon.
Leng Kunyang saw that Leng Yuchen had something to say to himself, so he let Xiaobai enter the room to serve Su Yiming, and he and Leng Yuchen came out.
Father and son walked into the garden and avoided the crowd at a distance.
It was the first time for Leng Yuchen to encounter such a sinister assassination last night. I couldn’t find any clues that the real dancers were knocked out when they were changing clothes. But it is strange that what these assassins danced was really a rehearsal dance before the dancers.
And the assassin who mingles with the musicians can also play dance music? All this makes Leng Yuchen puzzled. The biggest headache is that this dancer is the queen’s personal choice, and this dance is also decided by the queen herself. If it is said that others may be the spy queen, it is absolutely impossible to betray Leng Kunyang, which makes Leng Yuchen feel very headache.
"Chen son, if it is not found, forget it. After all, there is no shortage of assassination in this palace." Leng Kunyang wanted to get it. "I told you last night that those assassins must have senior spirit beasts to help, otherwise how could it be said that they would disappear? Body-guard spirit beast also can’t find their breath must be senior spirit beast hidden for them. "
"Father and son are worried that they will come to assassinate again." Leng Yuchen looked worried.
"Chen’s son doesn’t worry that I’m not so easy to be assassinated." Leng Kunyang patted Leng Yuchen on the shoulder. "Besides, I found that Buddhist practice is really good, and I won’t get hurt even more with him."
"Father, do you think the Buddhist can be trusted now?"
"I believe him after what happened yesterday!"
"In this case, I want to understand the Buddhist body’s obedience to the method." Cold Rain Chen looks at Leng Kunyang. "The Buddhist body has now obviously surrendered to her father, and this method is no longer necessary. Besides, it is of little significance for me to give up this method. If my father’s Buddhist body is planted with female methods and methods respectively, it is more meaningful for my cold royal family."
"Chen son, this discussion is good, but now the Buddhist is weak and I’m afraid it will hurt him if he wants to solve the method …" Leng Kunyang frowned. He had long thought that if he and Su Yiming were to "obey the method", not only could Su Yiming be loyal to himself, but he could also benefit from this method to make him emotional about himself. It was because of the cold rain that Chen would not live long. He didn’t come out directly.
"Father and son think this is the best time to give Buddhist methods." Leng Yuchen holds the discretion to speak. Now that he knows that his father has special feelings for Su Yiming, he can’t be too cruel to Su Yiming.
"When my father was under the command of the method, the weaker the mother was, the worse the method was. It was not easy for the Buddhist to give him the method without being discovered by him. It was also very difficult for him to get drunk before he succeeded. Now the Buddhist is bedridden and has great confidence in his father. I want to support his followers and call him out to control him. Although this will really hurt him, it will not be long before the Buddhist can recover with more good medicinal materials."
"Chen’s son is right" Leng Kunyang wanted to think, called Xiao Gui to order a small kitchen to cook a bowl of ginseng soup for Su Yiming and secretly charged him to add some ecstacies to the ginseng soup.
The father naturally thought that their conversation had been heard by the invisible fire Xuan, and Su Yiming knew everything before they returned to the side wing.
After Su Yiming’s lunch, Kunyang really ordered Xiaobai to go to the mansion with Xiaogui, and then he personally brought Xiaogui ginseng soup to feed Su Yiming.
Soon Su Yiming fell asleep.
Leng Yuchen pulled out a sharp knife, lifted his sleeves, scratched his arm and spilled some powder on the wound. Then he saw a white light flashing with one hand, and the blood vessels in his arm gradually moved. About half a cup of tea later, a worm emerged from the place where blood was dripping.
Cold rain Chen grabbed the worm and put it aside. He had already prepared a jade box, wiped his hands and applied some ointment. Then he went to the bed, grabbed Su Yiming’s arm, scratched the crossing with a knife, and sprinkled some powder and put the jade box aside.
See the bug box bobbing up and down, and a cloud of white fog floats to Su Yiming’s arm. When the white fog disappears, Su Yiming’s arm slowly climbs out of a bug. When it rains, she will catch it and sprinkle it with the bug in the jade box, and another kind of powder, the mother method and the method will instantly dissolve blood.
Leng Kunyang took out a jade box from his bag, which was also a "obeying method" mother method. He glanced at his pale face, Su Yiming and Su Yiming quickly planted the mother method and method, and then handed Su Yiming’s wrist wound with the true qi and strength to heal him. The shallow scar soon disappeared.
Leng Yu Chen left and went to Leng Kunyang to keep Su Yiming’s fingers gently sliding from his face and describing his facial features carefully. There was a kind of unspeakable happiness in my heart.
Su Yiming didn’t wake up until the evening. Leng Kunyang stayed with him all the time. Later, he went to the imperial concubine’s palace because the general entered the palace. This general is the second emperor’s uncle and Leng Kunyang is the most trusted general. At this moment, he entered the palace to pay a New Year call to his sister. Actually, he came to discuss the matter of sending troops to the snow.
When Su Yiming woke up, there was a small white fire Xuan around him. He immediately appeared and told the story of the cold Kunyang method. Su Yiming also summoned the pen monkey beast "Little Doudou" to let it detect its own body method.
Then Su Yiming found several herbs from his bag, Xiaobai added them while decocting, and solved the method unnoticed.

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