Ziyun proud!

Liu Mengmeng’s hatred of his eyes deepened a little, and it was better to look at the mysterious sky point that was almost disappearing.
She must make this woman pay for the 77th chapter of Xuantian Cave 4.
On the other side, everything is spinning in Xuantian point.
Although a proud Ziyun, Ryutsuki, Bailong Weeping Night and Snow Wolf held hands to prevent being dispersed, they were soon dispersed.
Ziyun ao found that there was smoke in front of him. Is it the snow kite continent in front of him?
It’s a little too easy to pass. Ziyun proudly stares around warily.
Later, she saw an old man making an alchemy, and the old man carefully fanned the blast furnace. It seemed that the elixir had not been refined yet, which was all his sustenance and hope.
Ziyun proudly stepped forward and said, "Excuse me, have you seen others pass by here …"
Who knows that the other person will take the road without looking at her? "Go for a walk and don’t ruin my elixir."
She found that the other party was refining the positive second Dan medicine. You know, the positive second is the ink prison evil spirit, so it takes some time and energy for the demon god to refine it
However, the other party soon saw Ziyun proudly wearing Bailong Cui.
The second liquid medicine is not easily available, and obviously it is written by a demon god, and this liquid medicine is actually added with this woman’s blood.
The old man didn’t stop fanning, but his tone was slightly better. He took a look at Ziyun Ao and saw the mountain and traded with her. "You … are here to cultivate immortality. Leave me this Bailong Cui and I will tell you the secret through Xuantian Cave."
Want her baby to make a deal, dream
Ziyun proudly glanced at the old man indifferently and said, "You have to refine Dan medicine here yourself before you can move on. What can you give me?"
The other party immediately choked. Yes, he did. Hurry up and leave Xuantian Cave to refine Dan medicine, but he has been refining it for a long time, but he still tries again and again.
"I want to ask if you have seen anyone else come here," Ziyun proudly said lightly.
The old population said, "No one has been here for decades."
That is to say, Ryutsuki and others have not come here yet? Ziyun ao thought of going on here, but soon the people behind him saw Ziyun ao’s hairpin and blurted out "coagulation kite hairpin!" "
"Do you know?" Ziyun proudly stopped and touched her head strangely. This was a gift from Yi on her 15th birthday.
"It’s fate …" The old man immediately sighed, "A woman wore this hairpin through here decades ago" but she slipped out … "I didn’t expect that I would still stand still after such a long time."
Ziyun ao doesn’t know what he said. Go ahead and mind your own business.
Behind the old man’s voice rang again-
"You can’t walk for a thousand years like this." The old man remembered that he had been standing still for so many years. He not only sighed, but also nodded at her and said, "You are fast. If you can be faster, you may have an adventure."
Faster? Ziyun ao is thoughtful.
"You will find the person you are looking for through Xuantian Cave."
Ziyun ao sped up the speed, and the scenery of Xuantian Cave flew by her side like lightning, and her eyes felt more and more tired and tired.
However, Xuantian Cave is like a bottom hole that is constantly changing, but it can’t see the top. She seems a little white. What did the old man just now prefer to forge Dan medicine without going forward? It’s like an endless abyss …
But after a while, something strange happened. Chapter 78 Xuantian Point 5
Ziyun ao feels that the surrounding scenery is constantly changing, as if she has experienced many lives, and each floor is different. It seems that she has experienced various times and experiences, and her mood has also changed greatly.
It seems that what I thought was very important before has become no longer important, and what I once thought would never be forgotten is just so unforgivable, and that’s all.
As if the whole person’s spiritual realm had a qualitative leap.
Ziyun proudly opened her eyes strangely. I didn’t expect that going through this mysterious cave would change her so much, not only her strength, but also her psychology.
Control the second order of qi!

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