武汉桑拿论坛,武汉品茶网,武汉夜网论坛 桑拿会所 Everyone looked at Rodriguez, who was the most knowledgeable among them. As a result, he shook his head, and Betty finally solved the problem.

Everyone looked at Rodriguez, who was the most knowledgeable among them. As a result, he shook his head, and Betty finally solved the problem.

"Aunt Huang, who are you?"
"Mainland Chinese should call them Bi Meng. They are the strongest creatures I have ever seen. Even among silicon-based creatures, their strength is ranked, but their reproductive ability is too poor."
He also held out three Bi Meng’s signature claws and waved two.
The conversation went smoothly, especially when the emperor had a head that was more in line with common sense until Hao Ren threw out an extremely sharp question.
"Why are you afraid of ice or that ice brings low temperature?" This question is directed at the crucial point of the doomsday beetle, which broke the harmonious atmosphere in an instant. Everyone, including Betty, was on guard, and maybe the battle would break out in a moment. However, the emperor replied with great calmness: "We are not afraid of ordinary ice, but we are afraid of being near absolute low temperature, because we will be physically active at that time."
Looking at the iceberg emperor beside him, he said, "The creature of heat is really creative, which is exactly what our silicon-based creatures lack. I envy it."
"You don’t seem to resent those frozen people."
"What to hate? You humans say that I would like to thank them. If it is not frozen for ten thousand years, our roots cannot evolve to a higher level. Unfortunately, the life of carbon-based organisms is too short, otherwise I must say thank you to them face to face. "
Intuition told Hao Renhuang that he didn’t say irony. She said it was true. They evolved. Sure enough, the emperor confirmed his guess.
"We are no longer afraid of low temperature and are no longer troubled by energy, and nothing can stop us." Huang Yin is very firm
Everyone groaned in their hearts, "Yes, there is nothing to stop these horrible creatures if they are not afraid of low temperature." Hao Ren seems to have caught something and obviously pondered.
Suddenly Hao Ren’s mind flashed and blurted out, "What is your goal?" This question is very general, but the emperor’s eyes seem to have found something interesting.
"Our goal is to explore the universe"
Hao Ren nodded with a rare smile on his face. "Now that you have overcome the low temperature, congratulations."
"Oh, thank you. Without Betty, I can’t live without the iceberg. You humans thank you for giving gifts. What can I give you, Betty?"
As soon as Betty stopped her eyes, Hao Ren’s face changed and she tried to stop it, but she was too late. Betty had already made a request.
"I want the doomsday beetle" Betty’s little face mountain is a flush of excitement
Hao Rennai covered her forehead and had a headache!
Chapter two or three Guardian Corps
The emperor didn’t lie. Silicon-based creatures were indeed magical. The emperor summoned all the doomsday beetles in the iceberg through Betty’s food. After exhausting the energy, there were hundreds of individuals left, and these hundreds of individuals dissolved the emperor’s body in a moment without changing the emperor’s figure.
This is just to save energy consumption, and Betty got the doomsday beetle as she wished. It is said that this beetle has been separated from this group and can mutate into a queen like the emperor at any time. The emperor has helped this beetle to link with Betty’s spirit, and there will be no out-of-control situation, but even so, everyone looks at the beetle and their eyes are still full of alert.
This kind of mood is like watching an original bomb at close range, and the doomsday beetle kills no less people than the original bomb, because no one can stop her, but fortunately, she flies directly to the high place and rushes out of the atmosphere to pursue their ultimate goal.
The emperor was sent away, and then it was time to reap the benefits of the war. First of all, this huge iceberg in front of us, even ordinary ice, will become eternal ice after ten thousand years. Worse, they were once frozen, golden doomsday ice, and the eternal memorial has turned them into top magic materials as big as mountains! Hao Ren has already snickered.
In addition to icebergs, there are thousands of doomsday beetle corpses left by the emperor, all of which died because of the failure in the evolution process. Therefore, the genes of the emperor are different from them, and there is no income body, which is cheaper. Hao Ren, water and fire do not invade and cut them down, but leave a white mark. Doomsday beetles can be sold at a high price even when art is sold, and they can be put away without saying anything.
In addition to playing with the emperor’s legacy, Hao Ren took everyone to harvest this time. Although Longjing, the main purpose here, has always been induced, it has not been found just now. After knowing that the iceberg was moved, Hao Ren discovered that Longjing was actually crushed by the iceberg.
When the famous mountain disappeared, a bloody smell instantly filled the whole dragon crystal atmosphere. There is nothing wrong with four different dragon crystals. They were placed at the top of four mithril columns, and their side was a huge, gorgeous, mysterious and complicated to the extreme. The magic circle was not solid magic materials but blood.
Hao Ren is not surprised that murals have flowed into these fixed magic lines, not only one kind of blood, but also a dozen kinds of blood of Warcraft and some alchemy drugs, including four dragons’ blood. The whole magic circle is to maintain iceberg transport, ensure iceberg temperature and freeze the doomsday beetles inside, and the four dragons’ crystals are to form an element cycle so that the magic circle can run all the time.
It still takes some effort to get the dragon crystal. Hao Ren has also tried the discomfort of Hellfire. Hao Ren is also capable, but now the problem is much simpler. Just fly over and get it.
The light and arduous appearance naturally fell to Xiaohe and Betty who still have the ability to fly.
Bang … A muffled sound flowed peacefully for 10,000 years, and the blood seemed to be suddenly heated and boiled, which represented the rapid change of colors of various elements for a long time. When the colors faded away, the magic circle returned to calm, the pressure was light, and everyone could summon magic and quarrelling, which made everyone relaxed a lot.
After the blood in the magic circle lost its restraint, there were signs of turbulence. Hao Ren immediately took out some leftover wine barrels and showed his spirit. He wrapped the blood up and collected it into the barrels like a whale absorbing water.
When I received the last bucket, suddenly Hao Ren felt a sharp pain, which was a symptom and extremely strong, which made Hao Renlian’s spirit suddenly collapse and was wrapped in the spirit and blood spilled all over the floor.
Hao Ren’s hand trembled involuntarily and suddenly he had a bad feeling!
The only country in the mainland of San Francisco that has the most literate magic empire allows wizards to serve in the military is as high as 10: 1. The birth rate of wizards makes this place a holy place for all wizards. The proportion of wizards in the world care corps is as high as 90%. When a large number of wizards get together, it is unimaginable that San Francisco has had a detached position for tens of thousands of years with its unique care corps.
To set an old saying, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. The care corps never gets involved in other countries’ wars. To be exact, the care corps never leaves the country except for one case, that is, the chaos corps.
In the confrontation between the Burning Legion of the Coalition Forces on the bloody plateau, it seems that the two sides have made an appointment. Generally, there are casualties every day, but there is no bone injury. The momentum of the Coalition Forces is extremely high. When the Burning Legion just arrived, the panic has disappeared. There is no doubt that the mainland will win the war again. Even the top leaders of the Coalition Forces are full of optimism. In recent years, many noble brothers from various countries have been mobilized frequently and sent here for gold plating.
And all this is rooted in a San Francisco care corps, the Guardian Corps, which is the only one in the mainland that has inherited tens of thousands of years, which is much older than the country of San Francisco. It has played an important role in all previous jihad, but it is no exaggeration to say that the Guardian Corps is the guardian of the mainland.
There was not a pedestrian on the wide stone road. When everyone saw the golden flag, they consciously went to the side of the road and lowered their heads. It was the same for the nobility and the poor, without exception.
With a pair of short horns on the top of their heads, Warcraft is the symbol of the guardian legion. Although they are just intermediate Warcraft and not aggressive, they have a unicorn’s blood, and their IQ is extremely high. They can run very fast and very smoothly, and they can cast intermediate magic, light guardian and all intermediate light-assisted magic, which is the best mount for wizards.
This elegant creature is called the Cloud Beast. The only place where it can be found is the San Francisco Guardian Corps. Because this cloud beast is not strictly a creature, it is more like a special alchemy.
There is a possibility that a group of cloud beasts will appear together, and the guardian corps will be dispatched.
From the first day of the invasion of the chaos legion, the mainland people have been looking forward to the guardian legion. Today, the guardian legion finally appeared. The cloud beast is very fast, but the sitting wizard can hardly feel the bumps, and the light guard will not even mess up his hair.

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